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Hi, my name is Leo!

I am a Product-designer/UX who is looking for a modern company with global ambitions to make people happier together.

Now i will tell you more about myself (~ 4 minutes of reading). Contents:

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Work experience

The official experience in digital at the moment is 6.5 years, and almost ten years with freelance and own projects. I was lucky to work in small teams and have a significant impact on the result.

Sweatcoin Ui/Ux

United Kingdom, 05/2018 — 05/2019

The fastest growing Health & Fitness startup with 3 million DAU and first positions in the tops of stores in America, England, Australia, Spain and other countries. The purpose of the application is to motivate people to move more.

  • Product and design processes
  • User Needs Analysis
  • Research
  • Usecases
  • Prototyping and layouts
  • UX-writing (ENG)
  • User Testing
  • Analytics
Duotek PM+Ux

Russia, 06/2017 — 05/2018

Design, development and maintenance agency that creates software for automation and business processes planning. Including Internet projects, mobile applications, ERP and CRM systems.


All projects were developed through a cascade development cycle, at each stage of which I took part.

  • Research: communication with the customer and business processes analysis, prototype and specification development.
  • Design: control over the development of layouts and the quality of their execution.
  • Development and QA: task management, quality and deadlines.

I have issued 5 external and 1 internal projects in telemedicine, logistics, procurement, sales and project management. Most of them included solutions for several platforms at once.

Деловик.ru Ui/Ux

Moscow, 01/2016 — 02/2017

The first media and service portal for mutual assistance of entrepreneurs in Russia.

  • Service architecture
  • Page Layouts
  • Micro interactions
  • Visual content (infographics)
  • Brand visuals
Academy Publishing House Ui/Ux

Moscow, 02/2013 — 06/2015

A cross-platform solution that combines textbook and workbook functionality from the largest publishing center of professional literature.

  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Screen Layouts
  • Collaboration with developers
  • Supervision
  • Final Graphics


When working on tasks I use a problem-oriented approach and rely on audience research and quick testing of hypotheses. I love tables, charts, graphs and can develop:

Soft skills: Responsibility Sociability Initiative Systemic thinking Creativity Empathy Collaboration Flexibility Open-mindedness Fast learner Analytical mindset


Let me give you an example of several interesting projects that I have been working on recently.

Onboarding registrations +12%

This was my first task at Sweatcoin, which helped me completely immerse myself in UX-writing. The process of onboarding and registration went through 9 steps funnel via communication with the chat bot. It was especially difficult to get from the user not only a phone number, but also permission to access geolocation and pedometer data. It was these steps where most users were lost. To solve the problem, i analyzed support calls and reviews in stores to understand what really scares people. And, most importantly, how these fears can be handled.

ARPU +2%

Also was very productive to work on the paid-videos widget, which allowed to get an extra coin once a day. Applying the mechanics of the streak with progression, it was possible not only to increase the number of target actions, but also to raise the d30 retention.

Projects launched 5 per year

Holding the position of PM + Ux (yes) at Duotek, i simultaneously led several projects in telemedicine, logistics, procurement, sales and project management. The most interesting was the Doctors.Online project, which consisted of three personal accounts (patient, doctor, clinic), a back office and two mobile applications.

Need more examples? Write or call me.

What i'm looking for

Remote web and mobile product development with people for whom the result of their work is more important, then implementation process. Consider full / part-time or freelance.

About me



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